Improving Your Body Tude: Resources and Personal Stories

Check out resources from our recent program Love, Sex and Relationships: Body Acceptance After Diagnosis. In addition to a watching a video recording of the event, you can read personal stories from young women who have been impacted by breast cancer and how their attitude towards their bodies changed after diagnosis and check out images from our selfie contest #mybodytude to see photos of some amazing women!

Love, Sex and Relationships: Body Acceptance After Diagnosis

Having positive body image is hard enough in today’s world, but a breast cancer diagnosis can make it even harder. Presented by our Young Women’s Initiative, this program explored the way young women cope with body image changes after diagnosis and breast cancer’s impact on self-esteem, emotional and sexual health, and dating and relationships.


MyBodyTude Blog Series

We featured the stories of seven young women over seven days and how they handled some of the changes to their bodies and attitudes after their breast cancer diagnosis. Read their stories. 

Body Image Young Women Breast Cancer


#MyBodyTude Selfie Contest

To raise awareness of the impact of diagnosis and treatment on body image and acceptance, Living Beyond Breast Cancer held a special Instagram selfie contest: #mybodytude. Over 200 images were shared to this hashtag from women who have been impacted by breast cancer to share their "body tude" after diagnosis. Check out the images and add your own at #mybodytude



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