Our Partnership

ghd, or good hair day,  leads the market for hair straightening irons and is sold in over 50,000 salons worldwide.  Since 2004, ghd has raised more than $3 million around the world to support breast cancer charities. 

This year for the first time, ghd's innovative stylers feature a design from acclaimed tattoo artist David Allen. He has created a stunning ethereal floral design, placed on a delicate pink color. Plus, $10 from every limited edition styler sold from the ghd ink on pink collection will be donated to Living Beyond Breast Cancer.



Molly's Story

 "Before I got the tattoo, I was so excited to not see scars when I looked down. The scars felt like a continuous reminder of what I had lost, what I would never be or do. Particularly when I was bending or folding during dance or yoga, I hated seeing the pucker and red bumpy lines of my scars peek out from a sports bra or slipping out along the straps of a bathing suit. I was excited to see something beautiful instead of destruction. I didn’t expect or even believe that getting tattooed by David could make me feel beautiful again— it did—or that instead of feeling like a medical oddity, I would feel like I’m a walking piece of art and my body is the canvas." - Molly Weingart (diagnosed in 2017), LBBC Butterfly Ball Honoree 


David Allen's Story

Since 2010, David has been using art to support women affected by breast cancer to conceal their scars and is widely recognised within the medical community, working with oncologists for advice when creating these intricate designs. As the only editable design, flowers are used as they symbolise life, rebirth and femininity, empowering women and giving back the control over their bodies. 

“I had open heart surgery when I was 9 months old – and so I was aware of scars and markings on the body. You start to know your good and bad angles – what is and isn’t comfortable."