DIY Spotlight: Happy Birthday, Kim!

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October 15, 2018
LBBC Advancement Staff

Who: Kim Jennings, 53, Maidens, Virginia

What: Facebook Fundraiser

When: July 2018

Where: Online

Amount raised for LBBC: $575

Total attendees: 16 donors, 648 friends


Kim Jennings has been a steadfast supporter of LBBC for many years through DIY fundraising efforts such as letter writing campaigns, paint nights and other creative initiatives. As her birthday approached, she knew she wanted to celebrate by trying something new. She knew several friends who used the social media fundraising tool Facebook Fundraisers and appeared to have success.

“Facebook took care of all the details, even giving me examples of what to write and providing reminder prompts. I chose to set a goal that represented the birthday I was celebrating (53 = $530),” Kim says about how easy it is to set up a fundraiser through Facebook. She suggests these tips to engaging donors:

  • Set a reasonable goal with a short time frame.
  • Send thank you notes.
  • Highlight the organization on your Facebook page before and after your fundraiser by promoting their programs and events. When it’s time for the ‘ask’ they’ll have a sense of how important that organization is to you.


Interested in hosting a Do-It-Yourself event in support of LBBC? To find out more, contact Margaret Epler at

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