Writing the Journey: 'The Last Stage'

October 31, 2017

Carey Link is a participant of Writing the Journey, LBBC's writing workshop for people affected by breast cancer. The workshop is led by experienced facilitator, author and poetry therapist Alysa Cummings, who has personally experienced breast cancer. Carey, who has metastatic breast cancer, wrote the poem below, called "The Last Stage," for the workshop. Carey says, "For me, writing poetry is healing and a path to self-discovery."

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The Last Stage

I try to read the colorless, asymmetrical hieroglyphics

in malignant, bilateral, inoperable…

My systemic silhouette sifts the sand in my hourglass house

through cycles of daylight and darkness.

He leads as we dance on a frayed tightrope.

He dares me to learn the routine as I go—

and to jump over its holes with my eyes closed.

While l learn how to breathe again.

Carey Link is 41 years old, from Huntsville, Alabama. She was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2014.

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