Ovarian Ablation

August 31, 2015
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Oophorectomyinfo-icon is surgeryinfo-icon to permanently remove your ovaries. It causes surgical menopauseinfo-icon and ends your fertilityinfo-icon. If you have an oophorectomy, you will no longer be able to become pregnant.

How Ovarian Ablation Works

Hormone receptorinfo-icon-positive breast cancers need estrogeninfo-icon to grow. Removing the ovaries through surgeryinfo-icon stops your body from making most of its estrogen, which helps to slow or stop the cancer.

How Ovarian Ablation Is Performed

Oophorectomyinfo-icon is a one-time surgeryinfo-icon. Your doctor may also recommend treatment with tamoxifeninfo-icon or an aromatase inhibitorinfo-icon along with oophorectomy.

In an oophorectomy, the ovaries are removed through the vagina via a cut in the lower abdomen or a small cut at the top of the vagina using a laparoscope, a viewing tube to see the structures within the abdomen and pelvis.


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